I love simpler gadgets and gadgets that make life simpler. That sounds like a self-confession, isn’t it?

I was invited by Monica Kapila of DoinDubai along with other food bloggers for a lunch at Thermomix office as a part of her Blogger Managed Events to come and see the versatility of this German machine. I’ve previously read about Thermomix as I am always researching for kitchen gadgets online, so when Monica contacted me for a demonstration, it only piqued my interest more. 

Over the course of just two hours in their office, Anthie and her colleague prepared a full menu ranging from nibbles and drinks to the dessert with help of two Thermomix machines. Thermomix has been in the market since 1960 and it is an all-cook machine which can steam, emulsify, blend, chop, grind, knead, cook, mill, whip and weigh – basically all that I’d want a single appliance to perform. It comes with pre-programmed guided cooking and automated recipes which allows you the freedom to cook freestyle as you want by simply controlling time, speed and temperature. If there is an only way we are limited, as Monica would say, is by our imagination as it provides the flexibility of usage with 12 functions all in one product! Although I love the whole process of cooking and being involved with my wooden spoon and a pot, Thermomix is one of those machines that helps you in saving incredible time and escape buying all packaged food items from the market that we may hurriedly stock in our pantry given the busy lifestyle. I watched in awe that by using different set of time and speeds, the ingredients mixes and blends mimicing the exact hand stirring motion that is required to stir a curry, soup or knead a bread.  It is a beautiful compact machine to fit your kitchen top instead of cluttering many appliances for various purposes.

Things I love about Thermomix from the demo:

♥ Sorbets can be made ready in just under 5 minutes with handful of healthy ingredients – hello summer!
♥ You can set the timer to cook, and carry on with something else.
♥  Two of my favorite things are the weighing function in the jug provided as you add along the ingredients without having to separately measure them out in spoons or cups and the detachable steamer with two trays for steaming vegetables and meat.
♥ It is uber fast! Anthie kneaded pillow soft bread for the bread rolls in just under 3 minutes while it would take 15-20 minutes by hand.
♥ The exactness of temperature is tremendous as was proved with steamed salmon and veggies, fish curry and potato and goat cheese soup without having to cook on a stovetop.
♥ It doesn’t have too many attachments – good thing as it doesn’t take up storage space in the kitchen.
♥ It doesn’t take too much room on the bench.
♥ It comes along with a recipe chip enabled in the appliance that guide from start to finish, just as you would cook by reading from a cookbook.
♥ It has encouraged me to eat healthy and cook many things from the scratch which I would have picked up from the supermarket like for my own seaweed salt (yes!) and vegetable stock paste to add in my soups or curries.
♥ It looks easy enough for older kids to use.
♥ What separates it from other machines is it milling/grinding capability. We watched whole spices turn to a dust; and sugar to icing sugar in matter of seconds.
♥ Monica has some really interesting pointers in her post if you are thinking how different a Thermomix can be from a regular food processor. Read her post here.

My verdict:

Thermomix seems to be a fabulous machine and I think everyone could benefit from it. If you want precision and efficiency and love the idea of cooking from the scratch with fresh ingredients, Thermomix holds a great value. It looks promising for students who are staying away from the family or for the busy families looking to make cooking simpler.

Here’s how you can order your own Thermomix:

Thermomix is only available through official distributors and not possible to purchase from a store. You can book a free demo with Anthie, representative of the brand in the GCC, by writing to her at info@thermomix-me.com to see what it can do before investing in one {it retails at AED 5,100 in the UAE}. To make it even more easier, Anthie is offering a special offer for people who purchase before 15th February. They get an extra cookbook or recipe chip free or they can even take advantage of “Free Installment Option” where you can pay the amount in 5 portions. Do mention my blog “Thoughts Over Chai” in your email for a special hosting gift.

Leaving you with some pictures from the event and the possibilities of Thermomix I witnessed last Sunday morning; which we also got to eat later.

Raw beet balls made in Thermomix
masala chai – from grinding the spices for tea to brewing all in one machine.


Anthie preparing fresh lemonade for the crew

Mango Sorbet

Raw beetroot salad

preparing vegan cheese

Cheese and basil knots

Potato and goat cheese soup

chermoula butter for salmon.

How about making your own stock paste?

Prepping the Salmon.

Disclosure : I was invited for the demo which only helped me learn more about the greater appliance in the market at which I already have my eyes peeled. All the above opinions and views remain my own.

6 thoughts on “Thermomix Demo Morning With DoinDubai”

  1. It happened just yesterday my friend at work was telling ne about it. She bought it from Monica as well. It’s a great one and i’m contacting Monica today. I want one in my busy life ?

  2. Hi Haneen,

    Just read your comment, great that you’re so excited about the Thermomix, but just to clarify, I don’t sell thermomix machines and never have done! So maybe your friend bought it from a different Monica? But if you’d like to buy then do call the thermomix office on +971 4 399 55 96. Say you came via Tasneem’s blog Thoughts Over Chai.

    Thanks and warmest regards and Happy, Healthy Cooking!

    Monica Kapila

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  4. Looks like it’s true what they say about German Engineering 🙂

    This Thermomix looks a seriously adaptable ubiquitous ‘gadget’ for the kitchen, and so many different applications for it.

    Okay, a lot of folk will be put off the price point, but it’s also worth looking at the cost of the other items it could replace. Sunk time costs should also be factored in I guess, as it’s no doubt a massive timesaver too.

    It’s also good that the demonstrations show the wide range of different uses it can work as.

    Thanks for sharing such interesting content – and of course the great writing and stunning photos

    Keep up the great work!

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