I’ve had this idea from a very long time. There is always so much I want to share – from my current favorite meals, restaurants, products, services etc that don’t make it to a separate blog post to be shared in one. Thankfully, life has got more busier but sadly I don’t get to sit down and write as often as I’d like to. So for now, this looks like a pretty good deal. 

Ready. Set. Go.

♥ Plotos 

Last month, I tried the healthy food + grocery delivery app that honestly got me back on eating clean. Another plus is that I enjoyed it too. Plotos have different wellness programs to choose from and a boutique grocery which only list down products you need to stay on a healthier side. Although I wish the restaurants accounted under the app delivered to my area, I enjoyed cooking with the produce I could order from their partnered grocery store. I cooked three salad meals from my first  loot and shared the video recipes on Instagram under #TOCThursdayRecipes. Check them out, I’ll list them each below –

Zucchini Rolls
Thai Prawn Salad
Sprouts and Avocado Salad

Find out more about the founders of Plotos in this blogpost.


Umberto Giannini Curl Jelly

Before heading out for a Mauritian holiday, one thing I was sure was to get my hair tamed and not resort to blow drying because a) I didn’t wanted to waste time, b) I’d get dismissing looks from the husband and c) my frizzy hair wouldn’t stay defined in the beach humidity.

The Curl Jelly from Umberto Giannini was the perfect alternative. I’d only just rub about a tablespoon into the ends of my hair and loved the soft, bouncy and smooth beach waves it gave while we stayed the majority of our time on the beach and in the ocean. It  is highly recommended that you add this to your must haves for the summer if you want to add some definition to your frizzy hair! Bought mine from Boots Pharmacy in Dubai.

No. 7 Berry Romance Matte

While at Boots, I also added No. 7 Berry Romance lipstick in my shopping bag. The color is so gorgeous, I instantly loved it the moment I tried in the store. It is an everyday matte but very moisturizing. Glides on super easy and I prefer blotting it out with a tissue for it to look more better. 

♥ The Choco Monarch

All the action on Instagram, got me exploring Choco Monarch at Al Ghurair Center. Nothing fancy about the interiors but it is a lovely concept of a little dessert cafe in the mall for some casual tète a tete. And a heaven for chocolate lovers. We had Crepe Monarch (filled with fruits and layered with three melted chocolate sauces), French Toast, Oreo Milkshake and Cappuccino. And ofcourse I had to finish it off with a refreshing green mint tea. Must visit if you are a chocolate lover and live on the old side of Dubai. Find them on zomato.

♥ The Healthy Homes Cleaning

Thanks to Healthy Homes, I’ve got into a habit of getting my mattresses and carpet sanitized every six months to get rid of all kind of dust mites and dead skin sitting on them. To say I am happy with their services is an understatement – it is magnificent and dealing with the staff is a very pleasant experience. Their team is professional and carefully educate us about the treatment they are carrying out. This time, I got my entire house sanitized on the same day we left for Mauritius and came back to a lovely smelling fresh home after a week. You can book an appointment with them through here.

♥ Frying Pan Adventures Podcast

The monsoon season in India would be coming to an end, but every time I am nostalgic, I plug in my ear phones and listen to this podcast the ladies at FryingPan Adventures did with Kalyan of finelychopped.net. It brings back the memories of sitting on a marine drive and binging on a hot vada pav during the rainy season or of the university days when we had just little change to pay for a coveted Bombay burger. Kalyan shares some vast details on the history of a vada pay coming into an existence and hence becoming the lifeline of Mumbaikars. Listen to the podcast here

♥ Fame by Tilly Bagshawe

I just finished reading Fame, written by Tilly Bagshawe and published by HarperCollins. It is surprising that consciously I am putting efforts in cutting my screen time and concentrating on getting back to reading books, magazines and newspapers more. Back to Fame, I completely loved this book. It is filled with fiction centered around Hollywood but so gripping you wouldn’t want to put down. Very happy to have discovered Bagshawe and cannot wait to read more from this talented author. Picked mine from a temporary book kiosk in Burjuman on the first floor. 

♥ Haircut and Pro Fiber treatment at Glam Street Intl, JLT

I’ve had some extreme cases of getting a haircut in Dubai which is why I only trust a few good salons to get one. After reading the experiences of few ladies on Instagram, I went in for a haircut at Glam Street at JLT. And I am so glad I did. My hair stylist was Priti and I loved how she explained everything that she was doing to my hair. Right from the first wash to blow dry, she took me through the products and it’s benefits. And suggested I go in for a pro fiber treatment to add nourishment to my hair. The treatment is however recommended to be taken every week for at least 4 sittings to let the hair grow more healthier. If you are looking for a summer makeover, I’d definitely recommend that you try out @glamstreetint.

♥ Lemon Tang Popsicles

Summer cannot end without popsicles, isn’t it? We are completely desis and our monthly grocery bag always include Tang in different flavors. On a whim to do something completely crazy, one day it struck me that I should try tang popsicles. And we did. Little A and I blended a juice from 2 lemons, some mint leaves and about 4 to 5 tablespoon of orange tang with enough water in a blender and set it out in a freezer for few hours. Voila, we had our own summer popsicles that is also approved by Little A friends! 

It is super fun to do a monthly or bi monthly round up of my favorite things and share them all in one blogpost. I hope you enjoyed reading it too. And going to try some of these yourselves! Let me know if you do.

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