Hello people! There has been a long inundated silence on this blog for many reasons that are probably very boring for you to read. But! I have something interesting to share and it is this minimal Ramadan table I have set up in the corner where we say our evening prayers to have a festive feel in the house. I like to add my own touch to make it  more mine by doing a DIY every now and then; but don’t shy away from buying from the plethora of Ramadan decor available in the markets. Whatever sail your boat, eh?!


My husband and I sit down daily around a table with a big bowl of either oatmeal or an omelette toast paired with a big mug of chai for suhoor. Sometimes we eat quietly between yawns and on most of the days my husband will cheer me up with his impeccable sense of humour. All throughout keeping an eye on the clock to make sure we take one last sip of water before the azaan/morning call for prayer. As we line up to pray facing east in the direction of the Kaaba, my mind is crowded with thoughts of packing a box for Little A to take to school and getting back to sleep. As the years have passed, I have gradually begun to understand the deeper meaning of this month. I read Quran with a purpose, my prayers are more meaningful and the spirit is so engulfing, I’ve started valuing Ramadan beyond the act of fasting. There is a lot of content in my heart and I hope it continues for the whole year. Although I was dreading Ramadan to fall during the school days and waking up to a sehri at 3 am would be daunting , it is amazing how the life has set its own routine from day 1.

Here are the simple steps in my little way to bring this corner in sync to make Ramadan more endeavoring for myself and my family –

♥ Just before Ramadan, I was looking for templates and found Sweet Fajr to be my absolute one stop for decor ideas. I got Ramadan Mubarak and the lanterns printed, will leave the links at the end of this post.

♥  There was an old frame lying in my house that needed a little makeover. For some weird reasons and annoyance to my husband, I always save on those extra wrapping papers that are too short to wrap any gift. So I inserted a golden paper to lift it up and tied the string with Ramadan Mubarak garland tied to it.

♥ One Friday afternoon, Little A and I sat to colour the lanterns which also turned into a breezy one hour activity for us to do together. Taped two ends of the lantern string onto the wall, just above the frame to add a pop of colour.

♥  We always reach out for Bukhur {oudh} and dates during iftar, so I set up a small station by adding a wooden board and fresh flowers as props. Little A’s tasbih lies around it both for decor and for the purpose of reciting words of Allah while we pray.

♥ And ofcourse, the table wouldn’t have been complete without a candle – they have a best quality of adding warmth and light to any place.

This is it, guys. So simple and I had everything lying in my use which brought life to otherwise boring corner for this whole month.


My discipline is weaker, still on this annual spiritual journey, I try my best to live a little kinder, with a little more gratitude each year and realize that there’s so much we can do in our daily actions and in our homes that qualify for the spirit of Ramadan. Essence of Ramadan is also to connect with each other, to understand one another better, to build a life of compassion and ultimately love with shared humanity that brings us together across faiths.

Ramadan Kareem everyone!!


Ramadan Mubarak floral garland – http://www.sweetfajr.com/?p=1859
Ranadan suncatchers – http://www.sweetfajr.com/?p=1927

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