There is no secret to the theory that children are more inclined towards visually appealing food and as I am a bit creatively challenged when it comes to decorating meals, I didn’t wanted to miss a wonderful opportunity of tasting new PowerBites menu by Movenpick Deira and for Little A to attend their cooking class few weeks before Ramadan. Though Little A is fond of food he wouldn’t necessarily finish off everything I put in front of him. So I involve him in preparing his meals or try to get a bit creative in serving the usual food in different style as much as possible to make it more intriguing for him to try new food each day. And I am happy I succeed most of the times.

The event was inaugurated by an Instagram competition winner, Fathima from Table For Five, who demonstrated her winning Sleeping Tortillas which the children around the table could prepare themselves. As we gathered around the table, the whole setting looked really exciting for me as well as to everyone present. With just a few ingredients that we may generally stock in our pantry, making sleeping bags is no big task but only a prolific cook like her could conceive! Just some hummus, olives, carrots, peppers and tortillas are all you need to make your child’s meal time more interesting. Little A was so involved in the process he asked me to help him make designs with Hummus and vegetables provided, stick in carrot julienne to create hair and then wanted to eat his creation immediately!

After the demo, we sat around to taste new PowerBites menu that Chef Gyula has curated for Jigsaw Restaurant’s little diners. He has designed kids menu with eye catching and colorful dishes that are also nutritious with great presentation which each child can look forward to. The menu provides healthy alternatives in a fun way like Garden Face and Parmesan Snake made of chicken, peas and spaghetti. Cheese and Fruits displayed in a bouquet. Hummus and tortillas exhibited like a sleeping bag. Popsicles carefully planned with healthy ingredients such as yoghurt, fresh fruits, coconut milk and honey. My major pet-peeve on a children menu are the frozen items in likes of nuggets, which I am super glad is not a part of Powerbites at Movenpick. Apart from these, other items to look out for are Cheesy Meatballs in Brocolli and Potato Valley, ABC Tomato Soup, Apple Pie Smoothie and Wafflewich Banana Ghosts. The food doesn’t only look good but taste just as great, which will keep the little ones heartily full. It’s even more pleasing to know the ingredients are locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables that we as parents can be really sure of.


Photo courtesy – MovenPick

Here’s to many more healthy meals that more restaurants in the city can take inspiration from.

Venue – Jigsaw restaurant, Lobby Level, Movenpick Hotel, Deira

Website – Movenpick Deira.

Disclosure : Though we were invited to take a PowerBites class and try their new menu, the opinions in this post remain my own.

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