Ramadan Kareem everyone!

The holy month of Ramadan has started and being a Muslim, I aim at fasting through the month. 15 hours without food and water is certainly demanding but I try to eat and drink as much healthy as possible so that it doesn’t make me feel sloppy the next day. Its difficult to build a clean eating quorum with all the food we want to make and eat for Iftar. However, at home we usually have a date and a glass of juice/water followed by dinner which again will be light; unless we have invited friends for an Iftar gathering. And ofcourse keep our selves continually hydrated from dusk to dawn.

I thought it is the best time to dig the archives and list down the food that keeps my family moving smoothly and help us stay our best through the Holy month :

♥  Date and Almonds Energy Bites : Always, always my favorite;these little bites keep us full and also makes for an ideal dessert choice if we are craving something sweet after dinner.

♥ Gol Paani (Jaggery drink) :I ain’t taking any credit for this because hubby totally ace in making jars and jars of Gol Paani dedicatedly that doesn’t only keep us hydrated but is absolutely healthy – jaggery is known to cool down body temperatures and provide energy, which we certainly need during Ramadan; and sabza is an excellent antidote for digestion problems in the hot climate.

Spinach and Corn Feta Tarts : Literally any kind of mini tarts or canapes are popular in my house. Since they are tiny, it helps us in eating moderately and also make for a great finger food when we have large number of people at home. You can even make these with caramelized onions and mushroom filling, that again is one of my top favorite!

Chicken Tikkas : When I am just so lazy or having a hard day to make something for dinner, I opt for my chicken tikkas rolled in a hot homemade naan (flatbread). It is one particular dish I wouldn’t tire cooking and eating because of succulent Indian flavors it carries. Traditionally it is cooked in tandoor for the charred flavors or grilled over hot coals at barbecues; but it isn’t really necessary for me to make our meal come together very quickly. I have used both oven and an air fryer to make tikkas, and I vouch that air fryers makes them a lot quicker and juicier! And I say that with pure honesty x

Rose Lemonade : We are such typical Indians, we keep a bottle of Roohafza ready at onset of every Ramadan. It keeps us rejuvenated under the challenges of living in the Middle East. A glass of bright pink juice is all that you may need to put the color back on your cheeks after a day-long fast or a stretched day under a sun!

Khichda  : Made from broken wheat and lentils, Khichda takes me back in time to the streets of Hyderabad where thousands of packets are sold in the markets and restaurants all through the month. It almost gels as an Iftar food, dinner and the leftover makes for the best ever suhoor.
Haleem {Rice Lentil Porridge} : Don’t confuse Khichda with Haleem. While Khichda is a traditional Bohri Food, this vegetarian Haleem made from over-night soaked rice and lentils is my grandmother’s idea of feeding us a zenith breakfast. I make this a night before for suhoor and it keeps us amazingly full the entire day.
Spinach, Broccoli and Cilantro Soup : You may think I am crazy to have soup during the summer, but trust me this soup is so healthy, nourishing and can be consumed at the room temperature. All three ingredients are pantry staples to swiftly take me through a light dinner. 
I hope you’ll love this list and find it helpful for the month ahead. xx
Whatever I do,  I have always found comfort in reminding myself – that Ramadan is not the month of feasting but to connect with God and a time to seek resurgence of my body and soul.

This post is part of the UAE Mom Bloggers Blog Hop for Ramadan.

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9 thoughts on “My Ramadan Favorites”

  1. Ooo some great recipes which I am sure I will be turning to in Ramadan, thanks for sharing! We especially love having Harees during Iftar.

  2. Nothing says Ramadan like Roo-afza!
    Thanks for sharing some yummy posts and wishing you a blessed Ramadan this year.

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