It’s that time of the year again. Here are some of my straightforward and healthy homemade lunch box recipes kids will love.

Little A started big school April this year yet I can feel the same rush of emotions preparing him for another term after a long summer vacation. One of the top spot in our list of to-do’s last week was to make a meal schedule for this month before we get incredibly busy with the school runs, home-works and classes and meal planning is pushed to the back burner. 

With so many options available, daily chore of packing lunches hovers around and serving a good, tasty and nutritious food in a box becomes the most challenging part. To ease yourself and your little one into the routine, I’ve asked the food blogging community for their fabulous recipes (and taken some from this blog) to pack in a lunch-box and got for you a list that will make your lunch-planning absolutely smooth for the next few days.

What’s even better? Let them choose, have fun and make their own boxes a night before that might just get them excited about heading back to school. 

Surprise your guy/girl with these out-of-the-box lunch ideas by taking it to the whole new level with these easy-to-do recipes. These are also quite straightforward to pack for office or can make it to your lunch table!

Click on the titles or images below for the recipes.


1. Pesto Pasta Salad with Sundried Tomatoes.

back to school pesto pasta salad recipe

What’s not to love about a pasta salad which only takes 15 minutes to put together and with just 5 ingredients : pasta, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and sunflower seeds. Fact that it can be served cold, makes for a legit lunch-box recipe.

2. No-Bake Peanut Butter Truffles

back to school energy bites recipe

Another excellent snack that’s ready in few minutes. Make ahead these delicious no-cook energy bites with children – it has all of their favorite ingredients : peanut butter, banana and chocolate.

3. Vegan Blueberry Bran Muffins. 
back to school vegan blueberry bran muffin

Slip some heart-healthy fat and fibre with these vegan whole grain spelt flour muffins.

4. Fruit and Cream Cheese Wraps

back to school easy fruit and cream cheese wraps

Ask my son and he’ll say that I am all about wraps so these fruit and cream cheese wraps are definitely falling under my kitty.

5. Chicken Salad Stuffed Tomatoes

back to school chicken salad stuffed tomatoes recipe

Take your chicken salad game a notch higher with these stuffed tomatoes. This recipe cannot be more simpler – cooked chicken, crisp celery, tart apples, herbs, greek yogurt and seasonings put together make for one excellent lunch box option children are bound to love.  

6. Orange Blueberry Pound Cake

back to school orange blueberry pound cake recipe

Kids sure love a treat in their boxes. This pound cake recipe is great for them to get a plenty of Vitamin C in form of their favorite dessert. 

7. Baked Coconut Chicken Tenders 

back to school baked chicken tenders recipe

When you are looking for all those no-fry ideas for children, this recipe of baked chicken tenders just saves your day. It has a lovely combination of chicken, coconut and spices plus a lot of healthy proteins and is very filling. They’re just the greatest alternative to preservative laden frozen nuggets.

8. Veggie Edamame Summer Rolls.

back to school gluten free summer rolls

A super healthy meal loaded with proteins and fresh veggies, these rolls are a great way to make your child eat vegetables. They are so versatile, you can think of adding tofu, chicken, avocado, all sort of veggies etc. and are also convenient to make ahead of time. 

9. Semolina Crusted Eggplant

Hearty and satisfying roasted eggplant in Indian spices, coated with semolina and served with feta and coriander. Makes for the best vegetarian and gluten free quick meal on a busy day.

Comforting and satisfying, these eggplant slices coated with semolina and served with feta pair excellently for their mid day break.

10. Tuna Patties

back to school tuna patties recipe

Easy and budget friendly recipe for tuna patties bursting with flavors from simple pantry ingredients works like a charm either for a snack or main lunch box food.

11. Chicken Burrito Bowl

back to school chicken burrito bowl recipe

Yes! Yes! Yes! All in one homemade delicious bowl of Mexican flavors that is so simple to make and convenient for little ones to carry in a box. 

12. Vegan Chocolate Chip Muffins
back to school vegan choco chip muffins recipe

If, like me, you think anything is gold if it can be made in 20 minutes, then these mini vegan muffins with choco chips are great for lunch boxes. Moreover, I haven’t known any child who doesn’t love a good chocolate muffin!

13. Greek Spinach Triangles

back to school spinach and cheese triangles

Cheese and spinach are a match made in heaven; roll them up in phyllo sheets and you’ll have a winner for sure! This recipe is great for serving spinach to children instead of explaining them about the blessings of this green leafy vegetable. 

14. Apple Pie Larabars

back to school homemade larabars

These homemade apple pie larabars from scratch with all natural goodness from dates, apples and nuts are an ideal snack to keep your child full and energized for a long day at school. 

15. Flourless Lamb Blueberry Mint Empanadas

back to school flourless empanadas recipe

This recipe fantastically swap flour dough with a plaintain dough to make these lamb empanadas even more healthier and tasty. Also you can just change the fillings as you like – think of chicken, diced veggies or tofu!

I hope this will sort your worries and get you ready on toes for upcoming school days with delicious lunch-box ideas.

Happy and smooth  back to school everyone!

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