A quarter of 2015 went by in a jiffy. I know I use that term way too often, but could you believe how soon the first three months came and went? We were just about celebrating the start of 2015! However, I have a reason to celebrate.

30th March I woke up to a Facebook wall post notification from Huma of Gheza-e-Shirin. Who writes on the wall in the age of WhatsApp except it is for a birthday I thought. When I read what she had written, my inner self was too elated and wished there was someone near me whom I can tightly hug. Husband was off to work and turned around to see Little A in a deep slumber. Ordered my copy of the newspaper, held in my hands staring at the article for not less than ten minutes and finally started sending photos to family and friends outside UAE. Synonym to shouting from a rooftop, I felt at that very moment.


Three of my favorite recipes (linking them all down below) were featured in March issue of DXBuzz which is a supplementary magazine of Khaleej Times, a very reputed news paper in UAE. A year back when Thoughts Over Chai was started, I didn’t really expect this kind of high to be honest, but I can’t even express how honorable it is for this blog’s first media mention!

What’s more was that my whole family in Dubai and back in India were too happy to see me featured in a print for the very first time. So grateful for their encouragement and from the readers who keep coming back on the blog for every new post that is published.

Leaving the links below from the blog of the recipes that were featured in the magazine –

Stuffed chicken breasts with cheese and spinach.

Saffron and egg pudding.

Cardamom scented mini date pies.

Enjoy reading with a cup of tea!


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