img_1206-01It all happened accidentally; during the time when Little A hovered around while I
prepared milk for him. He’d be always around to stir his glass of milk and from there we took over to baking – easiest option to involve children in whisking and stirring the
ingredients at a young age. I have always loved an helping hand while I cook and moreover appreciated being surrounded by a tiniest member of our family so I never felt guilty of leaving him unattended while I finished making meals. We are so much loving this relationship since Little A was a year older, I really don’t know what I’d do if someday he decide not to be in the kitchen. Although, I know it won’t happen soon!

Cooking with kids doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or overwhelming. In fact it builds the bonding between you and the child and bonus is that the little ones are more likely to eat what they make! Isn’t that a win-win situation? This won’t only build your conversation with them but will also teach them a lot about where their food is coming from and teach them life’s most important skill – to cook and to feed. Start by making simple meals, rinsing fruits and vegetables, cleaning the vessels they’ll use, share kids-friendly recipes and strictly avoid the use of sharp objects, gas and oven.

Don’t fret. Pick up those aprons, dust the flour and inspire the little ones with a beauty of home-cooked meals. Here are some easy recipes and tips to get you started –

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